NEW $35k Electric Ford Maverick Competitor

NEW $35k Electric Ford Maverick Competitor

Tesla sparked a wave of demand for an Electric Ford Maverick pickup truck when it launched the Cybertruck back in 2019. 

Fast forward four years and we still don’t have a Cyber truck. But Ford, Rivian, and GM are all taking orders for their EV pickups. 

Each of these brands has long waiting lists as they try to ramp up production to keep up with demand. But now a new EV pickup truck built in America has been released. 

Join us today as we explore this all-new $35,000 Electric Ford Maverick pickup truck that has just shocked the industry. 

$35k Electric Ford Maverick Competitor

Before we go into the details of this new Electric Ford Maverick truck, it’s important to understand the problem with most other pickup truck options. 

The cheapest all-electric pickup truck (Electric Ford Maverick) is the Ford F 150 Lightning, which starts at $52,000. But it’ll be hard to find one at that price given the dealers tend to inflate the sticker price. 

The reality is that owning one of these cars is out of a lot of people’s budget, and it explains the roaring success of the Ford Maverick. 

It’s not a fully Electric Ford Maverick pickup, however. It’s a hybrid pickup that offers excellent fuel efficiency and costs less than $25,000.

Model V Electric Ford Maverick pickup truck

Enter the model V Electric Ford Maverick pickup truck. The Model V Electric Ford Maverick pickup truck was announced last month by Foxconn Technology Group. 

Foxconn is the largest technology manufacturer and service provider in the world, and they’re known mainly for manufacturing all Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. 

Foxconn unveiled the Model B Electric Ford Maverick truck alongside the Model B crossover SUV at its event in Taipei and the chairman of the manufacturing company. 

The pickup was produced in the US. Factory. Foxconn had developed an open-source hardware and software platform for EV manufacturing by 2020, and they’re now working to develop a solid-state battery by 2024. 

While most of its specifications are still undisclosed for now, Foxconn has released some information about this new pickup.

Model V space

They confirmed it will be able to tow up to three tons and have a payload capacity of one metric ton. 

Foxconn withholds the model’s exact dimensions. But we know that they’ve been paying attention to current market trends and want to position this Electric Ford Maverick pickup in the compact niche. 

Models V Electric Ford Maverick and C use the same platform, and the cabs of both vehicles sit on top of it. That means that they’ll share similar specs in terms of range and speed. 

When it comes to range, they’ve said it’ll reach 430 miles on a single charge and accelerate to 60. 

The truck will be less aerodynamic. So we’re not expecting it to match its crossover SUV sibling exactly. But these are good guides. 

It’s not known how long it’ll take to charge fully, but they have said it can boost from 20% to 80% charge in only 30 minutes. 

Its bed is four inches longer than the Mavericks at 4.9ft, and it’s the same size down, so it’ll provide just as much utility as Ford’s newest Electric Ford Maverick pickup. 

The prototype, displayed at the 2022 Foxconn Hantai Tech Day, has flush-fitting door handles and cameras in place of mirrors. 

It has a standard double cab five-seat configuration with an open bed, making it just as practical as the Maverick. 

If it performs well in the crucial areas of range and performance, the Model V should be a hit, especially given that the company plans to produce its car in the US. 

Foxconn has announced it’ll invest over $170,000,000 in their U. 

S. Based in Lordstown, Ohio plant, taking over the former GM factory. The investment could create as many as 3000 jobs in 2019.


GM sold the plant to Lordstown Motors, a startup with plans to manufacture Electric Ford Maverick pickup trucks. 

Lordstown Motors then sold the factory to Foxconn earlier this year, and Foxconn agreed to build Lordstown’s Endurance electric pickup there. 

In exchange, Lordstown Motors announced the beginning of production on September 29, with customer deliveries beginning later in 2023. 

If they can agree on supply chain deals to use specific parts sourced from the US. The Model V pickup will also qualify for the new $7500 tax rebate for new and used EV purchases. 

There’s no concrete information about the price yet, but Foxconn is known for mass-producing things to save costs. 

They’re production experts, and it’s expected that they’ll use this expertise to deliver a low-cost but high-quality product. 

They don’t have a strong brand so won’t be able to command a premium price. But they do have the manufacturing expertise of producing the most popular and highest quality phone in the world. 

If they want this pickup to compete in the compact pickup truck segment, then it’ll be hard to do if it’s any more than $35,000. 

Batteries are the most expensive part of building an EV, so the price to produce one is always higher than an Ice equivalent. 

The higher initial purchase price is expected to outweigh the fuel spent throughout ownership. If this ends up being the case, it’ll make the Model V the most affordable EV pickup on the market and one of the most affordable EVs. 

The lowest-priced Tesla is the Model Three, which has a starting price of $35,000. The lowest-priced electric vehicle on the market today is the Nissan Leaf. 

It starts at $27,400 and is the most affordable option for anybody looking to switch to electric. 

For that price, you get a small hatchback with a range of only 150 miles on a single charge. The new Model V pickup stands out when comparing these prices and ranges.

If Foxconn can deliver a pickup with these specs at this price point, it’s sure to be a hit. 

Foxconn has high ambitions with a long-term goal to produce half of the world’s electric vehicles. 

Its entire business model is based on providing manufacturing services to other companies, and it has already agreed to build EVs for both Fisker and Lordstown Motors. 

If that weren’t enough, they’ve announced plans to produce electric tractors. Boston will begin production of Fisker’s pair vehicle at Lordstown in 2024. 

They’ve reportedly already begun production of the Endurance electric pickup, with the first deliveries expected in 2023.

Future Plan

According to the company, they’re targeting 500 of these new pickups to be built through the first half of 2023 alone. 

These are quite impressive numbers considering Rivian only delivered 1015 pickups in their first year of production. 

Twelve years after the company was founded, Foxconn seeks to replicate in EV manufacturing how it seized control of the electronics assembly business to become the biggest manufacturer of EV cars. 

Foxconn has said they’ll sell this car under their brand, but at the same time, they’re using it as a way to entice carmakers over so they can build their vehicles for them. 

It’s common for carmakers to contract manufacturing to a partner. Companies such as Magnus Stair in Europe manufacture vehicles for Mercedes, BMW, and Jaguar. 

Several Foxconn companies are part of a large industry group known as the MIH, or Mobility in Harmony Consortium. 

They build the fundamental electric vehicle technical platforms that serve as the foundation for Foxconn’s electric vehicles. 

Foxconn also bragged about its accomplishments in the development of solid-state batteries for electric vehicles, a technology that many companies are pursuing. 

Anticipated battery advancements will one day significantly improve the range and decrease the weight of electric vehicles. 

Foxconn already has one electric vehicle ready for production.

The Model C will be sold in China as the Luxgen N Seven, with deliveries expected to begin in the second half of next year. 

According to Foxconn, in 2021, Foxconn and Luxgen’s parent company, Group, formed Foxtron, a joint venture to develop and manufacture electric vehicles. 

And would you trust buying an American-built pickup from them? 

Let us know in the comments below. Thank you very much for reading today.

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