Audi e-tron q8 premium offered by electrified vehicles

Audi e-tron q8 premium offered by electrified vehicles

The 50 and 55 versions of the Audi e-tron q8 are already on sale, while the Audi e-tron q8 will hit the market before summer.

 Audi e-tron q8

The tagline “Vivir con el Progreso” was introduced by Audi, and it accurately depicts the German brand’s recent development as well as its significant investment in electric vehicles. The e-Tron tale continues, and the most outstanding model to hit the market was the Audi e-tron q8, which brilliantly mixes the ideas of sustainability, personalization, design, and performance. Whether on a motorway or despised roads, it drives like a genuine luxury, accentuating the design, driving characteristics, autonomy, and load.

The vehicle is the most technologically advanced e-Tron Audi that has ever been introduced. The Audi e-tron q8 has undergone considerable design alterations, particularly at the front, which give it a contemporary and elegant appearance. The bodywork’s front and back designs make it clear that they are models with all-electric power.

It comes in two body types: a traditional SUV and a sportier Sportback. These two are primarily characterized by the rear roof’s drop and the size of the boot. The overall length is 4,91 meters, which is 8,5 centimeters shorter than the lengths of the other Q8 models.

Three versions and more autonomy

The Audi e-tron q8 e-autonomy Tron has greatly enhanced, because of the incorporation of new batteries and a shell construction that generates more energy while keeping the same ‘physical’ size.

The batteries’ charge capacity is another important consideration. With maximum powers boosted from 120 to 150 kW (for the Q8 50 e-Tron) and from 150 to 170 kW (for the 55 and SQ8), respectively, these rapid charge versions can transfer 10 to 80% of the power in 28 and 31 minutes.

Features & Specification

Audi e-tron q8
Versione-Tron Q8 50
Battery capacity89 kWh
Engines2 engines, 230 kW to 250
Range487 kilometers
Price$91,903, to $1,02,765
Versione-Tron Q8 55
Battery capacity100 kWh
Enginestwin motor with 300 kW (408 CV)
Range576 km
Price$97,854 to $1,08,714

The 50 version now features a battery with a net capacity of 89 kWh, enabling it to go 487 kilometers with two engines with a combined output of 230 kW to 250 (313 to 340 CV) (501 for the Sportback), The Q8 55 e-Tron, which has a battery with a 106 kWh capacity, maintains the twin motor with 300 kW (408 CV) and offers a range of up to 576 km (595 km for the Sportback) while the SQ8 e-Tron, which will be released later on the market, continues to offer 370 kW (503 CV) thanks to its three motors and can travel 465 km (483 for the Sportback).

Very dynamic and pricey

In its current form, the range is solely concerned with finishes, Advanced and S line with more advanced technology, connection, and security, as well as several optional packages categorized by “themes” (Confort, Premium, and Black), which is at the top of the equipment among the premium.

Moreover, the Quattro traction and pneumatic suspension together with the Audi drive choose driving characteristics (Auto, Confort, Dynamic, Efficiency, Individual, Allroad, and Off-road). Let the user have a car that is appropriate for any situation. Depending on the program, the suspension, which determines how high the bodywork is above the ground (176 mm), can vary by up to 76 mm.

Without discounts, the access version of the Audi e-tron q8, the 50, costs $91,903, and $1,02,765 for the Audi e-tron q8 55, both with Advanced finish. The variants S line elevate up to $97,854 and $1,08,714, respectively, and the Sportback carrocerías have a Sobre price of $2,714 in equal motorization and equipment concerning the carrocería SUV.

Design and Personality

Audi has updated its front grille and parabolas while preserving its optics and adding four tiny LED strips to emphasize its own individuality.

These modifications also enhanced cooling and aerodynamics by introducing motorized active air grilles that open and close. Thanks to careful analysis, it has decreased the aerodynamic idea, allowing the air to move more fluidly and enhancing the impact of the automobile.

Four additional body colors are available for the Audi e-tron q8. The refurbishment of the sides’ lower portion and the expanded tire selection, which now ranges from 19 to 22 inches, are also noteworthy.

The interior

With the addition of synthetic leather as standard equipment, aluminum accents, and a sporty touch to the interior, it finally follows Audi’s own quality line. The digitalization is present in the center 10,1-inch screen for the primary multimedia system and another complimentary 8,6-inch screen for the climate management, both of which may be fully customized.

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