The CEO of Alfa Romeo confirms it: there will be an electric substitute for the legendary Giulietta.

The Italian company’s compact car will be reborn in the coming years, and it will do so in the form of a 100% electric model, although with a positioning that the Giulietta already used at the time.

Alfa Romeo

About a decade ago, the Giulietta was positioned above the MiTo, the small utility vehicle, as the second most affordable model in the Alfa Romeo lineup. Naturally, they use thermal mechanics and a passionate, sporty setup, just as they do with the rest of the company’s model, given that electrification was not yet widely accepted. But a few years ago, the compact vanished from the market, and there isn’t a clear replacement sight. It is a replacement and will arrive shortly.

According to reports from Passione Auto Italiane, it was none other than Jean Philippe Imparato, the CEO of Alfa Romeo, who verified his attendance at a press conference held in Italy to unveil the new Alfa Romeo Milano.

The manager said in his speech that the brand is at a turning point in its development as a business because they are introducing the new Milano electric SUV and updating the Stelvio and Giulia to reflect modern standards. But he also mentioned impending information.

Compact Alfa Romeo Electric arriving soon

During his presentation, he revealed two more models that the brand will be releasing shortly in addition to the ones that are already known: a big SUV and a small one that will take the place of the Giulietta. It had been known for a few years that there were first rumors of the first. On the other hand, we have very little information available for Giulietta’s logical launch.

Alfa Romeo

A significant list of launches follows Lancia’s resurrection, as has been repeatedly confirmed and reported. They anticipate the release of the Delta in 2028; it will resemble a compact car that runs entirely on electricity and has a retro style. As this develops, other models—like the future Alfa Romeo Giulietta—will also come to life. The majority of mechanical, artistic, and performance elements will be shared by both. The Alfa Romeo model will debut in 2027, which is a little earlier.

Based on Stellantis’ STLA Medium platform, it is expected to have an electric range of up to 700 km due to more efficient engines. the upcoming Giulietta and Delta will be built. We expected them to include versions with one or two electric motors (front or all-wheel drive) by premium positioning. Both will be produced in the same Italian Melfi plant.

Technical information about these compacts cannot yet be disclosed, of course, the Giulietta will receive a sports version bearing the Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) insignia. Similarly, the Delta will follow suit with the HF surname, which will be incorporated into other electric models by next 2025, including the recently unveiled Ypsilon.

Finally, the CEO stated that if the Giulietta obtains success and the expected external investments, this will lead to the launch of derivative products with a more specific aura, such as a coupe, a convertible, or a two-seater roadster. However, we will still have to wait a few more years.

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