Hyundai and KIA introduced a revolutionary Uni Wheel electric motor system.

The design idea of electric automobiles has not altered much in recent decades, even though they are becoming more and more competitive and sophisticated. Apart from the development of batteries, other features like motors have not undergone any notable modifications. The Korean automaker Hyundai/KIA hopes to address this with a development that signifies a breakthrough in an alternative powertrain system with several benefits over the conventional one.

Uni Wheel electric motor system

This critical development, Universal Wheel Drive, or Uni Wheel, provides us with an integrated wheel design that will turn the industry around because of its numerous advantages. The brands refer to it as a new mobility system.

Its primary benefit is that it increases the amount of surface area available on the platform, which increases autonomy by accommodating additional batteries. It is possible to advance the drive system’s significant parts closer to the wheel hub. It is seen in the picture below, which compares the Hyundai system (on the right) to a conventional system (on the left).

It has two effects: first, it frees up the area that the propulsion system takes up, and second, it increases overall efficiency.

When traveling over uneven and hilly terrain in a traditional gearbox system, a typical CV joint experiences a decline in durability and efficiency as the drive shaft’s deflection angle increases. Regardless of wheel movement, Uni Wheel can transmit power with nearly little loss in efficiency, guaranteeing excellent longevity and riding comfort.

Uni Wheel has the potential to increase battery capacity. Still, it also offers designers new possibilities for installing seats and making them more comfortable for its occupants by increasing their height and not having their knees so high.

Uni Wheel electric motor system

The Uni Wheel system transfers the power produced by the engine directly to the wheel using a special planetary gear arrangement. It is a setup that falls somewhere between conventional axle systems with in-wheel motors and one that permits plenty of suspension travel, enhancing durability and comfort even on uneven terrain.

The versatility and adaptability of the Uni Wheel system is a crucial feature. It may be used on any electric vehicle, including sports cars, SUVs, passenger cars, and other vehicles like bicycles and wheelchairs. Ranging from 4 to 25 inches.

Hyundai and KIA are now conducting tests to confirm the Uni Wheel’s durability, efficiency, and stability. Even while they still haven’t set a timetable for manufacturing, they are already seeking patents throughout the globe to secure ownership of the concept as they work to refine the design.

Source- Hyundai

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