Citroën presents the new e-C3 and confirms its price and autonomy

Citroën presents the new e-C3 and confirms its price and autonomy: one of the cheapest electric vehicles.

It has turned its most popular model into a small urban SUV that offers reliable autonomy at a sensible price.

new ë-C3

Citroën has fully revealed the design and main specifications of its new affordable electric car. The new Citroën ë-C3 arrives to enter a segment in which the offer is scarce and in which there is a lot of market share to share. The only electric car resembling the ë-C3 is the Dacia Spring.

We are looking at a car that, due to the measurements and style of its body, can be considered a B-SUV, although it will be one of the smallest in this segment. It measures 4.01 meters long, 1.76 wide and 1.56 high. The trunk, for its part, offers a capacity of 350 litres, a perfect figure considering the exterior size of the model.

Unlike what happens with the Spring, the new ë-C3 does show a display in its cabin in terms of design and finishes more in line with what we are used to seeing in Europe. After all, the ë-C3 is an electric car designed for the Old Continent, while the Spring comes from emerging markets and has been slightly adapted to Europe.

The exterior design makes it clear that it wants it to be perceived as a current urban SUV and displays the design language responsible for launching the Citroën Oli. This conceptual electric car precisely wished to advance the features and solutions the ë-C3 is launching. Among the elements to highlight are the new brand logo, a solution using plastic inserts in the front bumper and the false window of the C-pillar that will allow each unit to be personalized.

new ë-C3

The most basic model, You, will have LED headlights, an emergency braking system, a head-up display, rear parking sensors and cruise control. The Max line will be the most equipped, with 17-inch alloy wheels, two-tone exterior paint, automatic windshield wipers, electric folding and heated mirrors, automatic climate control, wireless phone charging and more elements.

Technically, the ë-C3 articulates its electrical system around a 44 kWh capacity battery. It will have an electric motor on the front axle that will produce 113 HP (83 kW), allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 135 kilometres per hour, while 0 to 100 will do so in 13 seconds.

The autonomy with a full charge, for its part, will be 320 kilometres, a reliable figure that will be more than enough for those immersed in the search for a city car. It should be noted that these are approximate values that the brand estimates the model will achieve. The final data acquired under the WLTP homologation cycle is slightly better.

Regarding recharging, the ë-C3 will offer a maximum power of 100 kW, which will allow recharging, depending on the brand, from 20% to 80% of the battery in 26 minutes.

Price of the electric Citroën ë-C3

new ë-C3

As the French manufacturer has confirmed, the ë-C3 will go on sale in Europe for a price that they intend to place at 23,300 euros. It is more expensive than a Dacia Spring, but it is very close, offering more autonomy, power, space and technology, in addition to a much more careful interior. The price has yet to be set precisely for each market, but given that they have dared to approximate it, it should not vary too much.

The ë-C3 anticipates the arrival of a whole wave of affordable electric cars from Stellantis. Opel and FIAT are working on similar models, while Peugeot and Lancia have the model platform to launch their iterations.

What’s more, Citroën has confirmed that it will launch a more affordable version of the ë-C3 than the one presented. It will be at the cost of a lower autonomy of about 200 approved kilometres, and its price should be around 19,900 euros.

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