Stellantis presents the STLA Large platform with up to 800 km of autonomy.

The Stellantis Group has presented its new weapon to fight in the next generation of electric cars, the STLA Large platform, which will be responsible for shaping electric cars with long autonomy and great features from brands such as Dodge, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, and Maserati.

 STLA Large platform

STLA Large is the European group’s fourth platform for electric cars, which will be present in the company’s new products. It is the second platform to be revealed after the launch of the STLA Medium, presented in July 2023.

STLA Large will be produced in several plants in Europe and North America and will be available in multi-energy variants, including electric, hybrid, and internal combustion, with each brand being able to adapt production according to demand in a more efficient and agile way.

The architecture may have 400 and 800V versions, so that manufacturers can better adjust to the needs and desires of their customers in each region, being able to manufacture from SUVs or family sedans to high-performance models capable of reaching ranges of 800 kilometers. , and accelerate up to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds. Something means configurations above 1,000 HP.

STLA Large platform

The flexibility will allow engineers and designers to adjust the wheelbase, overall length, width, height, and ground clearance of each model and employ a variety of suspension modules and drive systems to suit the specific performance objectives of each vehicle.

In addition, STLA Large allows key dimensions to be adjusted, such as the front axle at the driver’s foot, the front and rear overhang, or the cabin floor, to fine-tune the vehicle’s capabilities and performance.

The three-in-one propulsion systems incorporate the motor, power inverter, and gear reduction and are configured with front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. The inverter uses silicon carbide semiconductor technology to minimize power losses.

The result is a platform capable of housing batteries with capacities between 85 and 118 kWh, which, as we have seen, will allow Stellantis to design electric cars with ranges of between 600 and 800 kilometers and also be ready to accommodate future technologies batteries without major modifications.

Fast charging is also a fundamental pillar in any electric car in the higher segments, and in this case, Stellantis has indicated that STLA Large will be able to recover up to 4.5 kWh for every minute connected to an ultra-fast outlet.

STLA Large platform

STLA Large Key Metrics:

  • Total length: 4,764-5,126mm
  • Overall width range: 1,897-2,030 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,870-3,075 mm
  • Ground clearance: 140-288mm
  • Maximum tire diameter: 858mm

A platform that should begin to offer its first results this year with the launch of its first models.

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