Future of high energy density batteries


In the 21st century, probably the most important technological revolution we need is a better battery.  

large enough to back up the power grid, or reliable enough for your Bat communicator compounded.  


A battery is a galvanic cell, with no more than an anode and a cathode separated by an electrolyte. 

Batteries use chemicals to store energy in the form of electricity, which is a new thing for us. For the last 100 years 


Today they’ve reached a stage where we can imagine electric cars going 300 and 5400 miles, cell phones lasting 24 hours 


You can create your own desk with two sawhorse legs and simple plank of wood, or purchase a minimal wooden desk.



Lots of people are working to develop new kinds of batteries, but Argon is the only place where they do it at the speed of light.  

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