Advance Solar Power Electric Car (EV) For $30,000

The Solar power electric car would be able to drive while simultaneously charging from sunlight.  

the solar-powered electric car is slated to go into production in November for $250,000 per unit. 

Tests undertaken by Lightyear estimate that the solar cells can add up to 70 days to the car’s 388 miles range from traditional charging in sunny climates 

In colder climates, such as the Netherlands, it could last for two months without needing to be recharged.  

When plugged into a regular household power socket, drivers can charge over 300 overnight, 

Measuring 5 meters long and weighing 1575, Solar power electric car has a top speed of 160 km h 

The interior of Light Year Zero is made from vegan and naturally sourced materials such as ecological microfiber 

Lightyear plans to produce 946 solar-power electric car this year and said that its next model