10 Ev’s That Get FULL 7500 $ tax credit 2022

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It also gives consumers a tax credit to buy an electric vehicle, and a tax credit for up to 7500 $ tax credit in America.  

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The Lyrics base price and attractive $59,990 is for the single motor debut edition model 

1- Cadillac Lyric 2023 

This EV has a starting price of $28,195 and qualifies for the full 7500 $ tax credit. 

2- Chevrolet Bolt EUV

The Bolt EV costs even lower than the EUV at 26,595 and also qualifies for the full tax credit. 


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3- Chevrolet Bolt EV 

The 2022 F 150 also qualifies for the full tax credit, and it costs $53,769. 

4- Ford’s  F 150 Lightning 

This vehicle costs $43,895 and qualifies for the full 7500$ tax credit. 

5- Mustang mache

A starting price below $30,000 for any EV, and this, before any applicable tax credits 

6- Nissan Leaf

Rivian’s R One S SUV is the company’s second production model and one of the few three-row EVs available 

7- Rivian R One T

the dual motor adventure model of the R One S qualifies for the full tax return. 

8- Rivian R One S 

The Tesla Model Three starts at 48,000 440, and it’s worth all the hype it gets. 

9- Tesla Model Three

The entry-level standard range model will no longer be offered , making the long-range 

10- Tesla Model Y

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