Ford Maverick 2023 Hybrid Review

The Ford Maverick 2023 Hybrid is a workhorse pickup that earns its place next to the Ranger and the F 150.  

Fresh off the Ford Maverick 2023 Hybrid introduction last year, the core lineup isn’t changing much for 2023. 


2022 Mavericks will stop being built on November 23, with the production of the 2023 model starting soon after.  

The Maverick has a softly tuned suspension paired that helps down a winding road like a smaller 


They both ride many other SUVs and every pickup on the market with terrific control over choppy roads a bigger truck. 


Base models do offer standard niceties such as Tele and telescoping steering wheel with audio controls 


Ford says the Ford Maverick 2023 Hybrid 4.5 foot bed can lift to 18 sheets of four x eight foot 


With a turbocharged four-cylinder and the optional towing package, the Maverick can tow up to £4000.


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